23 June 2021

Creating an Inclusive Business Community

In the UK the contribution of small businesses is significant, not just in terms of revenue generated and jobs created, but in terms of what they bring to the life of their local communities. We almost take the variety of small businesses across different sectors and places for granted, and this can mask the considerable diversity of the entrepreneurs and owners behind them.

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05 March 2021

How to effectively manage your time as a small business owneri:Entrepreneur Mentoring Breakfast Series

Our recent Mentoring Breakfast was led by Ada Obi, founder of ADAVIRTUAL Business Support. Ada founded the company in 2015 with a vision of making it the ultimate virtual administration and operational support for fast growing businesses who need to manage their time and business operations efficiently.

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16 November 2020

How to effectively market your businessi:Entrepreneur Mentoring Breakfast Series

Our fourth Mentoring Breakfast session was recently led by marketing expert, Minal Patel. With over 15 years of experience, Minal is dedicated to providing small business owners with clear and jargon-free strategies that can help them deliver their message effectively to their audience.

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19 February 2021

Maintaining your own inner balance...i:Entrepreneur Mentoring Breakfast Series

Our recent Mentoring Breakfast was led by the inspiring Mansata Kurang, founder of VR Revival. After emigrating to the UK from Gambia, Mansata became fascinated with immersive virtual reality technology and saw the potential of its use within the mental health awareness space.

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03 February 2021

My name is...i:Entrepreneur Mentoring Breakfast Series

We kicked off our 2021 Mentoring Breakfast series with a session led by the incredible Caroline Flanagan. As an inspirational speaker, coach, author and business owner, Caroline works with minority individuals and their employers to increase diversity at the top and believes that Imposter Syndrome is a good thing…when you know what to do with it.

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21 April 2021

The importance of Social Conscience in Business!i:Entrepreneur Mentoring Breakfast Series

Last week we had a great breakfast mentoring session hosted by the incredible Pranav Chopra, founder, and CEO of NEMI Teas.

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06 November 2020

The 'Triangle Theory'; how to attract the right talent and grow your businessi:Entrepreneur Mentoring Breakfast Series

We recently had the incredible Daniel Hoff-Rodrigues, founder of technology recruitment agency {CX}2 Talent Solutions, lead our third virtual i:Entrepreneur Mentoring Breakfast session. During the session Dan shone a light on his ‘Triangle Theory’ which helps businesses attract the right talent, cultivate the right culture and, ultimately, grow.

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