16 November 2020

How to effectively market your businessi:Entrepreneur Mentoring Breakfast Series

Our fourth Mentoring Breakfast session was recently led by marketing expert, Minal Patel. With over 15 years of experience, Minal is dedicated to providing small business owners with clear and jargon-free strategies that can help them deliver their message effectively to their audience.

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06 November 2020

The 'Triangle Theory'; how to attract the right talent and grow your businessi:Entrepreneur Mentoring Breakfast Series

We recently had the incredible Daniel Hoff-Rodrigues, founder of technology recruitment agency {CX}2 Talent Solutions, lead our third virtual i:Entrepreneur Mentoring Breakfast session. During the session Dan shone a light on his ‘Triangle Theory’ which helps businesses attract the right talent, cultivate the right culture and, ultimately, grow.

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