The 'Triangle Theory'; how to attract the right talent and grow your business

We recently had the incredible Daniel Hoff-Rodrigues, founder of technology recruitment agency {CX}2 Talent Solutions, lead our third virtual i:Entrepreneur Mentoring Breakfast session. During the session Dan shone a light on his ‘Triangle Theory’ which helps businesses attract the right talent, cultivate the right culture and, ultimately, grow.

The session sparked some great conversations, including whether a move towards remote working in 2020 has opened up a whole new talent pool for businesses and how unconscious bias can affect the recruitment process.

The experiences shared by our entrepreneurs who joined the call highlighted the continued work required to create diversity within the workforce.

Thanks for a great session Dan!

By Daniel Hoff-Rodrigues

Within the 'Triangle Theory' there are three elements which help grow a successful business in any industry.

1. Knowing your 'why', your customer journey and company culture

'You can teach technical skills, but you can’t teach culture'

Dan shared that most employees who leave their job within the first six to nine months do so because they don’t fit into the company culture. Through understanding, refining and reaffirming the core values that surround your business, business owners are better able to understand their own company culture and thus attract the right talent.

2. Encouraging diversity within your workforce but recognising that diversity reaches beyond colour

Many studies have shown that diverse businesses outperform non-diverse businesses by a long stretch. It is important to recognise that diversity extends beyond ethnicity, but also includes gender, age, sexuality and socioeconomic background. A diverse workforce encourages diversity of thought, expression and ultimately innovation.

3. Retaining your staff through having an engaged and motivated workforce

Once you have attracted the right talent to your business it’s important to hold onto it. Providing an open forum for discussion as well as clear pathways of progression are paramount.

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Published: 06 November 2020