Victoria Ajoku

Fan Maker and Master of Arts Victoria Ajoku founded Fan The Glory With Tori in 2019, to revive the ‘concept of the fan’ to new and diverse audiences. This artistry has been listed as a critically endangered craft in the UK since 2017. The purpose of Fan The Glory With Tori is a special one: firstly, enabling the accessibility of both online and ‘in person’ workshops, teaching the craft as entertaining, therapeutic, educational, fun experiences, to be available to people of all abilities, backgrounds, ages, incomes and walks of life, including community and corporate groups. Secondly, the business offers a wider range of bespoke, handmade merchandise gift items, all pertaining to the fan.

Victoria is grateful to The Heritage Crafts Association for recognising and supporting her as an independent fan related organisation. She deems her business to be an unstoppable, dynamic, ‘safe haven’, ‘like an eagle that spreads and soars the breadth and depth of the UK’ to deliver the craft, as regular outreach classes for all people to feel welcomed, uplifted and encouraged to try out the craft. She is the winner of the Makers Award as the Diversity and Inclusion Champion 2023-2024 from the Business Awards, and was shortlisted for ‘Best Artisanal Business’ and ‘Fastest Business Growth’. In 2023, Fan the Glory with Tori was part of the Small Business Britain #SmallBusiness100 and in 2024, Victoria is part of the f:Entrepreneur #iAlso100, an incredible campaign that highlights inspiring female leaders across the UK.

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Published: 20 March 2024