Vanessa Hewitt

A proven Business Manager, Vanessa set up Hewitt Support in June 2020. Hewitt Support is dedicated to providing Business Consultancy specialising in COVID-19 Transition Planning. Vanessa saw that businesses needed to be able to adapt, revaluate their business models in order to stay afloat. Passionate about seeing British businesses thrive and evolve during challenging circumstances, Vanessa wanted to help and be able to reduce businesses closing prematurely.

Vanessa started her career as a Business apprentice, achieving a place in Private Office in central government as a teenager and subsequently working in the public sector as a Business Manager for several years. Delivering operational management across all business disciplines. She specialises in business management in Technology and Data, but refers herself as a "jack of all trades".

Recognising that as a young female in the BAME community, Vanessa is an advocate of promoting the voice of entrepreneurs and hopes that these conversations sparks a change and inspires a new generation of entrepreneurs who have access to funding, support and mentors/coaches.

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Published: 16 July 2020