Tiffany Chiu

Tiffany Chiu is the founder of the UK’s only allergy friendly underwear brand, JulieMay Lingerie.

After her younger sisters were born, Tiffany's mum developed rashes on her breasts. In trying to find relief for her skin conditions, she was unable to find something to avoid all allergic triggers. Tiffany made the decision to leave her career in law and start up her own brand to help women who, like her mum, struggle to find pretty, allergy-free and supportive bras.

JulieMay's lingerie is dermatologist tested and certified by Allergy Free UK. It is ethically made with 100% organic Pima cotton, contains no synthetic fibres, is latex- and nickel-free, with no exposed elastane nor harsh chemicals.

Tiffany says, "The journey was full of challenges, but I feel so rewarded when I receive a customer’s feedback saying how grateful they are to find my brand."

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Published: 24 May 2023