Sybz Mickson

Sybz Mickson founded of S.A.M on 1st December 2022. S.A.M provides boxers for people during our most vulnerable moments, such as our periods, menarche, postpartum and medical conditions that cause heavy menstrual bleeding such as PCOS, endometriosis & fibroids. The aim is to provide comfortable underwear for everyone that needs them. They understand that during that time of the month, you can feel vulnerable and sometimes limited in what you can do, but with S.A.M boxers, you will feel empowered by feeling free within yourself whilst having the comfort of the boxers. Due to the design of the boxers, they are very effective whilst on your period during activities such as exercising.

As a masculine presenting mother, Sybz found periods and postpartum uncomfortable and degrading due to having to wear knickers and boxers to accommodate for pads. There was nothing in the market suitable for what Sybz needed: "I wanted to feel comfortable and empowered during these times. I decided to do it myself rather than wait for a brand and continue to be in discomfort. There was a problem and I wanted to be the solution for everyone in need of this."

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Published: 20 March 2024