Sharn Khaira

Sharn Khaira is a Luxury Wedding Planner in Asian and Fusion weddings at Desi Bride Dreams. She is an advocate for Asian Female Entrepreneurs and has set up the AFEC (Asian Female Entrepreneurs Collective) to help others be successful in business. She herself has faced cultural barriers and roadblocks and growing up in a strict Asian family has created several struggles.

She loves helping Female Entrepreneurs step into their purpose, and she views it as an honour to watch as they discover the best versions of themselves, while creating the impact and income they crave. She believes you can build the life you desire because anything is possible. Why? Simply because she has walked the same path.

She grew up on the roughest streets of Swindon and then she became a bullied corporate employee where she felt stuck, unfulfilled, and miserable. She suffered from anxiety and knew she needed to get out of an unfulfilling job. Through every phase of her life, she never failed to realise she held the power to change my own course. So, she decided to leave her high-flying marketing agency role with a firm belief that she was meant for more than days spent working 9-5, with a mere 4 weeks of holiday per year. She was laughed at but she knew she had it in her.

Desi Bride Dreams has been flagged as a 'name to know' in the UK Asian wedding world.

From its inception in September 2015, Sharn and her team have worked on a huge variety of weddings and they have managed weddings with budgets in excess of £100,000.

Desi Bride Dreams has been featured in some of the biggest UK wedding titles including You & Your Wedding magazine and Perfect Wedding magazine. The power bloggers behind the likes of B.Loved, Nu-Bride and Secret Wedding Blog have also supported Desi Bride Dreams, a rarity for a new business. Sharn has also spoken about the Asian wedding market in Asian Today and Asian Leader, and she has been featured on the BBC Breakfast Show and BBC Asian Network as a guest expert! In under 2 years Desi Bride Dreams became a super successful wedding planning business.

Apart from having a successful wedding planning business, she knew she had a deeper and more meaningful calling. In 2017, she set up the community for Asian Female Entrepreneurs so they could come together to talk about business, cultural challenges, taboo topics and more! The group now has over 4700 members.

Now Sharn is on a global mission to support, empower, and educate as many Asian Female Entrepreneurs as possible, to smash down cultural blocks and live the lives that they deserve. She started by sharing all she had learned with other Female Entrepreneurs, and now she serves as a Business and Mindset Mentor and an International Motivational Speaker. She is full time in AFEC and left DBD!

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Published: 14 October 2020