Shana Doherty

Following 12 years of senior digital marketing roles at global advertising agencies, an ad-tech company, a record label group and a contract role in the UAE, in May 2020 Shana launched Generosity Bank, a self-service online platform connecting professionals with local small businesses for skills-based volunteering.

Shana had worked on the platform over the 2 years prior to launch whilst juggling a busy full-time job and parenting a teenager. She was initially inspired to set up Generosity Bank through her own volunteering experiences. She could see the impact she was able to make for herself and others and identified a gap in the market to volunteer specifically for small businesses at a local level. Lack of time is a huge barrier for volunteering amongst professionals and so Generosity Bank provides opportunities to help local small businesses on a short term and one-off volunteering basis.

The platform's registration process is simple and takes just 5 minutes. Volunteers create a profile which includes selecting their skills from a predefined list. Once a small business has registered on the site, they can create a public post with details of specific things they need help with. Volunteers are able to search through organisation posts and apply to volunteer where their skills match a requirement.

Generosity Bank is available to use across the UK.

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Published: 16 June 2020