Olive Pellington

Olive Pellington, Founder of OVP Coaching and author of the 5 part book series The Path To Success, transforms the thinking of students and increases their potential through high impact coaching, values-based workshops and online programs. The inspiration for these programs comes from the personal learning journey of the students Olive has had the privilege of working with. Understanding their needs, aspirations and helping them remove their roadblocks encouraged her to expand into subject based personal development. These programs give students the opportunity to invest in themselves. Through the value of perseverance, overcoming difficulties and positive self-image, students discover practical ways to transform their lives.

As a former Secondary Science Coordinator and exam marker, Olive understands first-hand the frustrations of keeping up with the ever-changing educational goal posts and the pressures facing secondary school students and staff. Olive Pellington is passionate about helping young people live to their fullest potential. Her speaking events are designed to reinforce learning outcomes and help students develop the skills necessary to build strong relationships, develop leadership skills and add value to others.

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Published: 29 October 2020