Michelle Raymond

Michelle Raymond is a HR Specialist, Visibility Strategist, Certified Master NLP Practitioner and award-winning International TEDx Speaker on a mission to make the inVisible Visible!

For more than a decade, Michelle has leveraged her research on the work and leadership paradigms of women in business and leadership – highlighting the psychological barriers that seem to hold them back and shines a light on strategies and insight that deal with the imposter syndrome.

Michelle has also become a respected and in-demand business coach, keynote speaker and authority on how to use strategic networking in an impactful way. Her most talked about speech 'How to Elevate your Visibility in a Crowded Market' is both controversial and persuasive leaving listeners with easy to implement actionable takeaways to create visibility and a personal brand that last!

An international trainer on leadership, communication and presentation skills, Michelle is a non-executive director for two boards and has been featured on BBC, ITV and SKY and publications such as People Management, HR Grapevine, The Guardian, Good Housekeeping, The Daily Mail, Business Insider and Hays Journal.

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Published: 22 October 2020