Lara Omoloja

Lara Omoloja founded the Greenwich Pantry, a London based food business helping food enthusiasts learn and enhance cooking skills in December 2009. Through cooking experiences “in person” and “online”, participants learn kitchen classics such as bread skills, pastry and pie, knife skills and more. Their calendar of courses and classes are perfect for adults and children as well as family groups and small teams.

Lara started the business to fulfil her passion for food.She wanted to help people enjoy food as a means to a very important end, not as an end itself.

Since we have become a society fixated on take-outs and food on the go (there’s no harm in that) it is equally necessary to reinforce cooking skills so that those essentials are not lost to the next generation

"Lara also believes that learning and enhancing cooking skills is a crucial part of being a sustainable community."

The Greenwich Pantry was part of the SmallBiz100 in 2021.

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Published: 19 June 2022