Iyabo Bello

iKooK is a private chef booking platform that offers an affordable luxury service: a truly special private chef experience in the comfort of the client's own home or choice of venue.

The service is affordable, accessible and easy to book. They currently operate in London, Bath and surrounding areas, and have plans to expand further throughout the UK and also in Nigeria.

The idea for iKooK started when Iyabo Bello’s daughter was born. She suffered from allergies, and Iyabo realised how limited options for her were. They couldn’t go to many restaurants because of her allergies, and she often missed out on events with family and friends. Or Iyabo would have to pack a separate meal for her, which was difficult to manage with such a busy routine. Iyabo wanted to provide a solution for everyone who wanted to enjoy a home meal cooked exactly according to their requirements without missing out on the luxury of dining in a restaurant. And so iKooK was born. It started out as a dream two years ago, and they have now launched their website, built a core team and are currently working with many talented chefs in the UK.

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Published: 11 February 2023