Helen Adekalu

Helen Adekalu has always been into bold costume jewellery and African print fashion. However, when she began to find that she could not afford some of the soaring prices here in the UK markets, she started researching jewellery in foreign markets and sourced many unique and amazing pieces, unlike anything she'd bought here previously. Realising others may be looking for similar items, Helen began to source and market beautiful curated pieces and, shortly after, she moved into designing her own accessory line using African prints. Now her jewellery line ranges from Black empowerment to bold statement pieces, and her accessories line incorporates homeware, fashion and hair accessories, all using bold vibrant African prints.

The name for Helen's business, Bosedé Accessories, derives from the Yoruba meaning 'born on Sunday' which is the day back in October 2019 when the idea came to her to start her venture.

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Published: 31 May 2023