Ela Teague

Ela Teague founded Cook Eat Joy, an Indian cookery school that celebrates the vibrant flavours of Indian cuisine, specialising in Gujarati fare while embracing diverse culinary traditions from across India, in 2019. Ela’s mission is to provide enriching culinary experiences through a variety of services, including cooking classes, private dining events, supper clubs and event catering. Classes can be at Cook Eat Joy HQ or delivered at people’s homes and incorporate family recipes that have been passed down through the generations. Her aim is to ignite people’s passion for cooking while fostering cultural appreciation and connection through food.

Ela was a secondary school teacher for nearly 20 years and, while fulfilling, teaching took a backseat when she transitioned to part-time work to accommodate her role as a mother. Unfortunately, the imbalance began to take a toll on her mental wellbeing and family life, so she decided to prioritise her happiness and that of her family’s, which unequivocally revolved around cooking and nurturing others through food. Thus, Cook Eat Joy was born - a culmination of her dual passions for teaching and cooking. What began as humble cooking classes hosted in her home has evolved into a multifaceted venture encompassing in-home classes, supper clubs, private dining experiences, and event catering services.

Ela was acknowledged as one of the f:Entrepreneur 100 most inspiring female entrepreneurs of this year, an honour that recently led to an interview on BBC Radio London.

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Published: 20 March 2024