Dr Rima Lamba

Dr Rima Lamba is a chartered counselling psychologist who works from an intersectional feminist lens. Following a successful career within the NHS, Rima set up an independent practice, Blue River Psychology, specialising in women and mothers mental health and wellbeing. As a health practitioner setting up and growing a business was a steep learning curve for Rima, but the ability to positively affect change, both in small and monumental ways, is what drives her passion to deliver the best possible service to her clients.

Rima has an interest in the experiences and stories of women from diverse racial and cultural backgrounds. As a South Asian woman herself, she is especially passionate about working with other South Asian women and exploring the unique cultural challenges they face. As a psychologist her interests lie in intersectional identities, stories and how structural power issues unique to South Asian culture impact women's identity, health and wellbeing. She works closely with women and mothers to explore the impact of patriarchy, racism, ableism and all forms of socio-cultural oppressions. Rima also works with clients on the stories that exist intergenerationally and historically, including stories of community trauma in ancestral heritage, which may have an unconscious impact.

Rima is also passionate about working systemically at an organisational level to help develop work cultures which place compassion and inclusivity at the heart of their organisations. This includes helping work cultures think about supporting female employees experiencing transitions and challenges such as infertility, returning to work after maternity leave, struggling with health issues and generally developing a non-marginalising philosophy in work systems.

Rima is also proud to be an Advisory Board Member for The Rights Collective, a grassroot organisation with a focus on South Asian women's right and anti-oppression at the heart of their thinking.

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Published: 04 December 2020