Cynthia Davis

As a multi award-winning CEO, motivational speaker and diversity and inclusion specialist, Cynthia is passionate about improving equal opportunities for people from all walks of life by encouraging and motivating the next generation of leaders.

Cynthia is a mentor to young adults via the Stephen Lawrence Trust Mentorship Programme and a fellow of St Georges College Leadership Fellowship in Windsor. She is also Chair of the Board for Pop Up, a social enterprise working in collaboration with educational, literary and cultural organisations to enable children, empower teachers and engage families from all walks of life to read more widely and creatively.

Cynthia founded BAME Recruitment in 2015, and later co-founded in 2019. She remains committed to delivering inclusive recruitment, consultancy and event services and helping businesses reach more qualified candidates from diverse communities and other underrepresented groups. Cynthia is dedicated to aligning candidates to the right organisations with inclusive cultures that help them to flourish and enhance the businesses they are working for.

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Published: 16 July 2020