Cherrelle Stewart-White

CSW VA was founded by Cherrelle Stewart-White in September 2020. As an Executive Assistant with over 10 years of experience Cherrelle has supported CEO's Founders, Directors and high-level management in the Retail, Legal, Healthcare and Construction industry.

It was always a dream of hers to start up her own Virtual Assistant company doing what she loves...helping others and making their lives easier.

CSW VA provides a reliable, unique and high quality Virtual Assistant service to Entrepreneurs, CEO's and Founders who especially in this new way of working could really do with a loyal extra pair of hands. Someone who can free up their time, allowing them to focus on more important tasks!

With happy clients on board and a double page feature in WOTC Magazine, Cherrelle would like her clients to think of her as their own personal Virtual Assistant.

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Published: 20 March 2021