Celia McDonald

Before starting her business, Celia was a disability access auditor researching into blind education, but family tragedy and a talent for canine cookery combined to change her focus.

Celia had already been making dog treats for many years when she founded For Dogs’ Sake Treats in 2018. The business has grown organically through recommendations, and she is now concentrating on developing it to be even more environmentally friendly and supportive to the local community.

All of Celia’s products are made from locally sourced, human grade, fresh, natural ingredients, and they are free from preservatives, flavouring, colouring and bulk fillers. Celia tastes all her treats before they are quality checked by her chief taster (her goldendoodle, Bella) and a variety of friends. They’re also lab (not Lab) tested for APHA approval.

The result is treats, dog cakes and seasonal goodies that are low on fat, but high on taste. Liverpool-based Celia says you’ll never walk alone with these goodies in your pocket – so for dogs’ sake, treat your best friend.

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Published: 04 February 2023