Asmae Chtou

Asmae Chtou is the founder of Modviva: a premier online destination for second-hand luxury brand shoes and bags. Founded with a passion for sustainable fashion and a love for all things luxurious, Modviva offers a curated collection of pre-owned designer footwear and handbags, meticulously inspected to ensure authenticity and quality. Asmae’s journey began when she noticed the increasing demand for second-hand luxury goods among fashion-conscious individuals who wanted quality without the exorbitant price tags. She saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between luxury and accessibility.

The mission at Modviva is to provide fashion-conscious individuals with an eco-friendly and affordable way to indulge in their desire for high-end accessories. They believe in the timeless appeal of luxury brands and strive to make them accessible to a wider audience while promoting sustainability in the fashion industry. Established in September 2023, Modviva has quickly become a trusted source for authentic designer pieces, offering a diverse range of styles and brands to suit every taste. By extending the lifespan of these luxury items and reducing fashion waste, they contribute to a greener and more responsible future.

Looking ahead, Asmae is excited to continue growing Modviva Shoes and Bags, expanding the product range, and exploring new ways to make luxury fashion more accessible while contributing to a sustainable and circular economy.

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Published: 20 March 2024