Amie Elizabeth W

Elizabeth W is a London based children's Book author, who wanted to see more black characters in children's books and so created a book based on her son Joshua.

As the saying goes…‘in a world where you can be anything remember to be kind.' Spreading positivity to children and helping them gain understanding through her stories is what drives Amie to push forward. The story ‘Joshua and red Fred' is all about kindness and sharing. Amie believed there was a great need for the book in order to teach children this important message which will help them as they grow.

The need for representation also matters to Amie very deeply. Her book is currently in a school's curriculum for PSHE and is available in a school's library. For Amie, this is a very rewarding achievement as the journey has not always been easy.

Amie would love to see more books that represent people who look like her and believes every child should be inspired to read by seeing books who incorporate characters who look like them. Ultimately, Amie believes this will help encourage and enable all children to reach for the stars because knowledge is power.

‘Joshua and red Fred' features activities which help with children's reading comprehension skills and can be purchased from Amazon, Apple Books and Barnes and Noble.

Visit Joshua and red Fred (Amazon UK)

Published: 20 March 2021