Suprina Hilaire

Making Skin Amazing Skincare (MSA) was founded in 2019. It is a natural organic vegan skincare brand that is ecofriendly and plastic free. They offer luxury vegan skincare products and facial experiences.

Founded by Suprina Hilaire, MSA Skincare was born out of a need to rediscover her identity and break her own expectations of what she’s capable of. To evolve from my labels of 'Mum' and 'Wife' to create something that was purely for her; something fun and positive that was just about being 'Suprina'. After going through an emotionally draining divorce which left her confidence shattered and general wellbeing at an all-time low, Suprina was suffering from painful dry skin and feeling incredibly frustrated as nothing from the doctors helped. Having worked in the beauty industry since 2015, Suprina was also fascinated and somewhat shocked about the amount of chemicals that go into our skincare. She founded MSA Skincare to help time-poor women with their skincare rituals, offering expertise, knowledge and experience by helping them along their skincare journey, giving them a more holistic approach by providing luxury vegan skincare products and facial experiences.

Suprina is now on a mission to create an easy and enjoyable self-care routine that is about celebrating the skin you're in, rather than looking for things to 'fix', and wants users to feel valued and special, and to learn to love their skin: for self-care rituals to be an enjoyable experience rather than a chore, and to make you feel like the amazing person you are.

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Published: 14 February 2024