Stephen-Francis Wittenhearst-Alexzander

Stephen-Francis Wittenhearst-Alexzander is the founder of The Loo Roll Fat Cat; a black-owned social enterprise launched to tackle food poverty and social inequality within the UK. Despite the UK having one of the best social welfare programmes in the world, the increase in the cost of living has led to more people than ever being reliant on food banks and forced to go without.

A for-profit enterprise, The Loo Roll Fat Cat uses 51% of its profits from the sales of our hand-wrapped toilet tissue to fund its very own benefits programme, aiming to not only complement existing government services but exceed them.

Providing eligible recipients with food, clothing, hygiene products, and other daily essentials with plans to offer a universal basic income to help plug the gap caused by the cuts in government benefits, and inflation, The Loo Roll Fat Cat aims to be at the forefront of a new social model, one that seeks to replicate the welfare state in its purest form, where everyone assisted by the enterprise doesn’t have to make sacrifices in other areas of their life to live a life of dignity.

Stephen-Francis founded the business in mid-March 2022 after having a great conversation with a homeless Big Issue seller named Tony. Tony used to have it all, highly educated, great career, and a homeowner, until the great recession hit, and he lost it all. It was that fact that even somebody like him could end up homeless really bought home the fact that any of us could lose it all at any moment for Stephen-Francis.

With The Loo Roll Fat Cat, he is seeking to do what has never been done before, fund a private fully comprehensive social security programme via the sales of toilet tissue, to make a meaningful difference to those around us in need of a little helping hand. In other words, the welfare state in its purest form, one free from political interference.

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Published: 19 June 2022