Ramya Vandana Chintakindi

Ramya Vandana Chintakindi is a Chemical Engineer with a MSc in Environmental Management who has always been drawn towards art and crafts. In 2016, when she wanted to buy party decorations to celebrate her daughter's first birthday, she noticed that all readily available decorations were made predominantly of single-use foil or plastic. She knew that since all of these items are sent to landfill after a one use, they were adding to the already existing plastic pollution problem.

Handmade eco-friendly paper flowers and decorations caught Ramya's eye and she created d├ęcor for her daughter's birthday using upcycled cards. Her family and friends appreciated her work and Ramya started to create birthday decorations and backdrops for small parties and gatherings. And so, in 2019, Prakruti Creations Paper Artistry was born.

For Ramya Vandana, Prakruti is not simply an aesthetic, but the mantra she lives by in every aspect of her life.

2020 was a year of major milestones in Ramya Vandana's journey. In February 2020, she created a floral backdrop on Nari Tu Naryani, a show on the MATV UK network which promotes women empowerment and female entrepreneurs, sharing their journeys with the viewers. In March 2020 Prakruti Creations exhibited its first stall at Kinder Living's Sustainability Home Show. It was a special milestone for Ramya Vandana and she learnt a lot from the visitors at the show and received positive feedback.

Prakruti Creations was then selected as one of the UK's 100 most inspiring small businesses in the SmallBiz100 by Small Business Saturday UK and in October 2020, iGlobal News published an article about Prakruti Creations eco-friendly approach to the Diwali festival.

Ramya Vandana has big plans for Prakruti Creations this year and is offering a number of virtual classes for children to help expand their minds and increase 3D visualization and design skills in a fun way. Prakruti Creations is also participating again in Kinder Living's Sustainability Home Show and conducting a free online workshop for interested participants to make flowers using magazines at home.

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Published: 05 March 2021