Rahel Tesfai

Rahel Tesfai runs FroHub - an Afro hair & beauty community and SaaS-enabled marketplace booking platform.

After being turned away from high-street salons purely because of her Afro hair, Rahel was left sad and frustrated. She did some research and found that Black women spend six times more money on their hair than any other ethnicity, but the Black hair service market is still highly fragmented, underserved and largely offline. Wanting to make a difference to the community, Rahel founded FroHub, providing a platform to easily search, discover and book appointments. The platform also enables the exchanging of tips and advice on Afro hair health through blogs, forums and tutorials, and is reshaping how the fragmented, hugely under-served, £30bn word-of-mouth Black hair industry connects.

Working towards the 5th UN Sustainable Development Goal, FroHub empowers women through technology and is enabling an offline industry to move online. Rahel is rightly proud of her achievements so far and is grateful to her inspiring mother for instilling her with an endless positive attitude.

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Published: 05 February 2022