Nirali Buch Mankodi

Nirali is one of the founders of Superfoodio, makers of delicious plant-based treats.

The seed for Superfoodio was planted after a backpacking adventure around South America in 2016. Being on plant-based diets, Nirali and Jagir thought they’d face difficulties on the trip but instead discovered how the locals lived off the earth in a sustainable manner and think generations ahead. Coming back wanting to share the knowledge, they devoted themselves to the kitchen to create delicious, nutritious, all-natural treats and from there Superfoodio was born.

In 2021, they were proud to achieve a milestone on their entrepreneur journey with the launch of their Peanut Butter Buttons, which are a world-first product in the food industry, developed from scratch, made with 100% natural, simple ingredients, plant based and palm oil free. All of the delicious plant-based treats Superfoodio make are based on the ethos of helping people get back to the basics of food in a simple and tasty way!

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Published: 24 May 2023