Marsha Powell

Marsha Powell Founder of BelEve UK, a London based Girls Charity, that equips girls and young women with the support network, skills, and confidence to make informed choices about their future and become the next generation of female leader. Committed to the development and social mobility of young women, this HR professional uses all her transferable skills, knowledge and experience from her 15-years career in the city and her Masters in Personel Development to develop and sustain a platform that contributes to the female empowerment and gender equality narrative in the UK. BelEve gives girls and young women support, guidance, education, confidence, self-esteem, opportunities, positive solutions, and role models.

With 8 years of experience working with girls and young women, Marsha has developed and successfully facilitated the learning of over 5000 girls aged 8-21, contributing to their social mobility, improved educational outcomes, carer opportunities and wellness. BelEve's outcomes are delivered through personal development, employability, leadership workshops and career development support.

A strong believer that every girl needs a mentor, BelEve has recently relaunched a mentoring & skills development programme matching 50 professional women with 50 young women. The programme supports girls in the next steps in their educational or career journey, to ensure they have the right skills and support to achieve their potential and goals.

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Published: 05 October 2020