Kimberley Shamtally

Kimberley Shamtally is the founder of KS Muscle Mechanics Balms Ltd. which creates self care kits to deal with everyday aches and pains.

Using natural ingredients, organically made by hand within their own workshop, the business was founded in Kimberley’s kitchen during the lockdown of 2020 whilst her family were self isolating as her son completed his chemotherapy treatment. When her physical therapy business had to close, she wanted to remain in touch with her clients and by sending the blends out to help with muscle pain and injury Kimberley realised her mission was clear; raising awareness of the body’s own healing capabilities. Kimberley and her children used the balm for many colds and influenza symptoms but the real magic was that it helped to ease pain without side effects.

Muscle Mechanics became their message to anyone finding mobility challenging and of course exhausted parents needing a good night's sleep.

KS Muscle Mechanics Balms offer physical therapy work voluntarily to the Sunday League football team to demonstrate benefits of natural healing methods. They also raise funds for charities involved with families of seriously ill children.

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Published: 19 June 2022