Khurum Choudhry

Khurum Choudry is the founder of Super Personalised Books. They help parents create a love of reading for children, with their range of Super Personalised Books. Just over 4 years ago when Khurum's daughter Sofia was born, he really wanted her to have a love of reading. They found research that stated that personalised books had the power to engage and captivate children and so Khurum created some personalised books for her, and she absolutely loved them.

In 2021, Khurum's grandmother passed away at 105 years of age, and Sofia asked them some challenging questions. As parents, they did not have the answer and researched, to find that a lot of issues adults face stem from not having been dealt with in childhood.

Khurum developed a book called “You Are Not Alone”, and saw the immediate impact this had on Sofia. Khurum then decided that the impact they could have on children could be powerful, and decided to launch Super Personalised Books.

3 powerful statements that resonated for them were:

  • 90% of a child's brain is developed by the age of 5
  • Less than 8% children's books have a child of colour as the main hero
  • A child with a strong foundation, will have a potential fulfilling future

Super Personalised Books have the ability for children to find themselves in an adventure and get lost in a book. They currently have over 30 books, with each book having more than 200 variations, suitable for children of all diverse backgrounds, creating the love of books.

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Published: 24 July 2022