Joanne Safo

Lukango is a London-based Insurtech, founded in 2021 and dedicated to providing easy-to-understand flexible insurance to the underserved small business and sole professional community. Their innovative dynamic products and accessible language champion and support today’s underrepresented small businesses, making insurance inclusive, clear and fair for them.

After working in insurance for many years, building customer-centric digital insurance products and developing and communicating business strategies, Joanne Safo noticed a gap in the market for a purpose-built solution for small businesses and an opportunity to utilise data to more accurately and equitably price products for them. Small businesses often go underserved in the insurance space because individual premiums are so low, and they are difficult to reach. She co-founded Lukango with a hyper-focus on the customer, putting a new generation of digital natives at the heart of the insurance product experience, demystifying insurance through clear language, tailored product design and an intuitive CX. Lukango aim to support today’s entrepreneurs on their business journeys by catering for their specific insurance needs and simplifying the insurance experience so it is one less challenge to deal with.

Helping to change the face of the insurance industry is the other driving factor behind Joanne founding Lukango. The benefits of diversity are widely known today, but not applied widely enough yet. Joanne has been a champion of diversity for a long time and the Lukango team has been incredibly diverse from day one. This personal desire to help achieve more diversity in the insurance industry is an additional driver behind Lukango.

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Published: 14 February 2024