Hemal Gokani

Hemal Gokani is the founder of JIVA, the UK's first Indian breastfeeding friendly clothing brand which is both practical and on trend. Hemal is passionate about supporting mothers who face the same challenges that she did when breastfeeding in Indian clothes.

In 2016 when Hemal had to attend a number of Indian weddings as a new mother with her son, she realised there was a real gap in the market for breastfeeding friendly ethnic wear. The thought of breastfeeding in Indian clothes was daunting, off-putting and upsetting. What should have been an exciting time for a new mother soon became a time full of dread and challenges.

As mother's do in most challenging situations, Hemal got through it and settled for the clothing that was available to her at the time. However, when she had her daughter soon after and was once again faced with the same challenges. Hemal was determined to find a solution to this problem. There are many mothers who are faced with the same challenges and choose to settle for what's currently available, compromising their happiness and comfort. Hemal is a big believer of where there is a problem there is a solution and she took it upon herself to find one for other mothers.

JIVA is a brand full of great purpose and intention, through which Hemal wishes to give breastfeeding mothers much needed ease, comfort and confidence, with an added feel-good factor at a time where one has gone through a lot of change, both physically and mentally. Each piece of clothing is designed with a breastfeeding mother and her needs in mind, as this is where traditional Indian clothing fails to be sufficient enough for a breastfeeding mother.

It is an exciting time for JIVA, a brand which constantly looks to break barriers, by creating innovative designs, as well as empowering and creating a supportive community for all mothers.

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Published: 20 March 2021