Gerald Vanderpuye

Impact Brixton is a social enterprise dedicated to creating real social impact. Launched in 2014, they provide affordable hot-desking, event space, networking events and training programmes to budding entrepreneurs in Lambeth. Their wide range of affordable memberships, work exchange programmes, educational fellowships, and community events allow them to engage creatives from a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds, removing financial barriers to entrepreneurship.

Founded by Gerald Vanderpuye, Impact Brixton is proud to be the only Black-owned co-working space in Europe, with a diverse and welcoming community working to achieve their dreams. Everything they do is aimed at giving back to Brixton, helping local creators and small businesses make meaningful connections to help their enterprises grow and thrive. Since their founding, they have served as a launching pad for over 5,500 creators and 2,000 startups, driving an incalculable boost in local employment, wellbeing, innovation, and economic growth.

Gerald says: "Founding Impact Brixton is the single most important decision I have made in my professional life. I love building and nurturing community, and we have now supported thousands of people in realising their dreams."

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Published: 09 June 2023