Fatima Zaman

Fatima’s business, Zaman Condiments and Sauces, was born of the frustration of not being able to find nutritious, easy to use Indian restaurant sauces that satisfied her demanding palate.

Using the recipes perfected in her father´s restaurants, with a few tweaks along the way, Fatima handcrafts her own luxury, eco-friendly Indian restaurant-quality sauces in small batches, using fresh organic local produce, organic olive oil and her father´s secret blend of spices. Now everyone can prepare a healthy, authentic Indian restaurant curry in under 20 minutes.

The ethos of the business is based not just making a profit, but also making a real difference in the world. Fatima has partnered with local and national charities to help impoverished communities in rural Bangladesh and to provide pro-bono English classes to refugees in her community via her English Language Online Academy (www.theenglishchatcafe.com), so that they can improve their job prospects. The business is a testament to social mobility and a reminder of our shared history in a society that has become multi-cultural.

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Published: 04 February 2023