Daniel Hoff-Rodrigues

Daniel is the founder of {cx}2 Talent Solutions, a recruitment agency which goes far beyond just filling a job vacancy. For Daniel and his team, understanding a company's culture, values and future goals is integral to correctly matching his pool of budding candidates to a variety of vacancies which land on his desk.

'We position ourselves as more of a partner, in the sense that we want to understand your business' culture, what's made you successful. What are your values, most importantly. One of the big reason's candidates don't last in a job is because they don't fit into that culture and that's where we are different. You might be able to teach technology but can you teach values and can you change someone's personality or cultural fit? The reality is no, you can't.'

As well as working with companies, Daniel is incredibly passionate about community building in order to bridge the digital skills gap. As a community leader for digital skills at Birmingham Tech, Daniel is keen to engage with schools, parents and governing bodies alike in order to drive an increased interest and understanding of the careers available in the technology sector, especially amongst primary and secondary school children.

It is with this proactive approach that Daniel hopes to promote more diversity within the technology sector; breaking down barriers around ethnicity, gender, age and disability.

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Published: 13 August 2020