Barney Kavai

Barney Kavai is a visionary, thought leader, and trailblazer who has lived in four countries; Zimbabwe, South Africa, Belgium and England.

He is the Chief Executive Officer for BMK Management, Global Healthcare Solutions (GHS Healthcare & GHS Cleaning) and the Founding Chairman of RIZE Organization, a social enterprise promoting sustainable entrepreneurship in young people through education, empowerment and leadership development.

Barney is also a Board Member for Dorset Race Equality Council (DREC), an organisation promoting Social Inclusion, Diversity, and Equality in the workplace and community as well as being a Board Member for International Care Network (ICN), an organisation helping to rebuild the lives of asylum seekers and vulnerable migrants.

He has a Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) Scholar with Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh and holds an MBA Degree from Bournemouth University and a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science. Barney finds joy in multiculturalism as a social enabler and youth leader to inspire the next generation.

Published: 07 October 2020